Distinguished Community Service Award

Published: 09 February 2023

Nomination Guidelines
1. Nominees will be required to demonstrate a significant contribution made to an individual, group or the wider community in the town. This is regardless of if the nominee resides in the town or not.
2. A nomination for an individual for work or in a field in which they are in paid employment will not normally be considered.
3. Nominations must be provided on the form below and completed by a proposer and seconder. In all cases at least one of these must be unrelated to the nominee and both must be residents of the town.
4. There are no age limits for either nominees or proposer/seconders for the scheme.
5. Nominations for serving Town Council Members will not be accepted for their contribution to the work of the Town Council.
6. The Award will not normally be provided either for individual sporting achievement or for the receipt of an honour such as the award of an MBE.
7. The Award must be approved by at least 2/3rds of Town Council Members present at the meeting considering the nomination.
Decisions on the Award are at the complete discretion of the Town Council and its decision is not open to challenge. The Council may choose not to make any award even if the nominations have been received and similarly proposers may choose to provide a further nomination at a later date should the first prove unsuccessful.
In all cases further advice on the scheme and completion of the nomination form is available for the Town Clerk.

 Nomination Form